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Field services

On-site, detailed inspections of plants and grids. Site inventorization.

Engineering services

From high level conceptualization to fully detailed engineering designs and studies.

Digitisation services

Planning of simulations. Application and monitoring of simulations through personalized software.

The renewable energy industry has been undergoing disruptive change and growth globally and the era of subsidized renewables is coming to an end. The last few years, the installed power of renewables already outpaced the installation of carbon based energy production.

But with great power comes great responsibility.

The growth of renewable energy requires new and innovative technologies that produce a maximum of energy at the lowest possible cost. The interactions between various energy sources and the energy grid are becoming more and more complex and so a stable grid is required under all circumstances.

This is where Pulsar Power steps in. We offer all-in services to help your business thrive with the lowest possible risk and the highest return on investment. 

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