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From high level conceptual to full detailed engineering designs and studies

technical inspection

Detailed inspection services and due diligence of newly constructed or operational installations


Tailor made consultancy services for renewable energy technologies

The renewable energy industry is undergoing disruptive change and growth worldwide.  The era of subsidised renewables is coming to an end.  The installed power of renewables outpaces the installation of carbon based energy production already since a few years.  But with great power comes great responsibility.

Renewable energy sources integrate into 1 hybrid renewable energy (HyRE) plant adding complexity about the interactions between the various sources but also to the grid.

The growth of renewables into the electrical grid does require these HyRE plants to not only produce a maximum amount of energy for the lowest price, but also support the grid to keep it stable under all circumstances.

This is exactly where Pulsar Power comes in. 

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