Field Services

Pulsar Power offers experienced and independent inspections of existing installations. We control your installations on several key points and measure the condition of your installation.

Our field services include (but are not limited to):

  • On site drone inspections
  • Shadow analysis for PV plants
  • On-site troubleshooting and underperformance analyses
  • Inspections according to
    • Scope12 (NL only)
    • IEC62446-1
    • IEC62446-3 (level 2)
  • Insurance consultancy
  • Grid control systems
  • Site inventorization

Site inventorization

Site inventorization is a speciality of Pulsar Power. After years of experience and specialization, we have developed our own software for site inventorization. Through an interactive Google map, we can measure the roof friction coefficient, look at 3D drone measurements, do a roof insulation check, coordinate the structural analyses and check the grid connection.

Example of interactive Google Map

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Office in Greece

Pulsar Power Hellas IKE

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