Connecting ideas to reality

Pulsar Power acts as a pure play engineering firm and works completely independent from technology or supply base.  This allows us to optimise the business case for our clients so they can rest assure that their investment will produce optimally for the requested design lifetime.

Your businessplan

Before we start to design, we want understand your business in general. Your businessplan is our starting point. Our design take into account both the commercial dimension and the economical aspect.

Concept to detailed design

After an exploration phase we present a conceptual design. Later, we translate the chosen concept into a detailed design that meets the requirements.


Your environment or context leads us to the most suitable solution. We have profound experience with this types of installations:

  • Ground mount
  • Roof mount
  • Floating systems
  • Carport solutions

Special applications

Are you looking for a special application?

For example; a combination of different types of renewable energy? Or a very complex business model? Or are you dealing with different stakeholders and targets that need to be aligned?

Contact Pulsar Power in any case.

RfG / PGMD / Grid simulations​

Renewable energy solutions and projects are challenging the existing grid. Therefore is a grid simulation a must have for every new project. 

In a grid simulation we merge new components with existing elements for evaluation. The next is step is testing the developed model in various scenario’s. From there we optimize the model and share our findings in a state of the art report. 

Using Powerfactory – World’s N°1 grid simulation software – we are specialized in optimizing RE plants’ grid integration and support, as well as simulating hybrid plants


Earthing / grounding studies​

Every new installed power systeem needs a grounding study. Maintenance, important changes to the installation or missing documents are also major reasons to do a profound study. 

The goal of a grounding study is to measure whether the performance of the grounding system meets the design objectives. 

Personal and public safety are important parameters. Besides that the grounding study can reduce or prevent equipment damage. 

By measuring, calculating and simulating data, Pulsar Power comes up with a full-scale report, including:

  • Soil resistivity model
  • Fault currents
  • Earth Electrodes
  • Mechanical and thermal sizing
  • Resistance and potential rise
  • Safety voltages


A microgrid is a scaled version of the standard grid. The goal of a microgrid is to supply a group of users with locally produced energy. The microgrid is connected to the macro grid but it has the possibility to work independent if necessary. 

Microgrids are often used in an industrial context to avoid down-time of the production process and revenue loss. 

Pulsar Power has expertise in the production and management of microgrids. In all their aspects. 

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Hydrogen
  • Electrical storage
  • Thermal storage
  • Heat network
  • Water
  • Grid connected or Island

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