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Pulsar Power is a one stop shop for your engineering project. We accompany you from your business plan to the integration, application and monitoring of your engineering project. Besides the practical execution, we also offer consultancy services to guide your business to its most optimal form. 

Your business plan is our starting point

We start from what you want. Together, we look at your business plan and explore how our service fits in it. By understanding how your business works, we can draw up a design that takes the commercial and economic dimensions of your project into account. After your approval of a conceptual design, we translate this preferred concept into a detailed design that meets all the necessary requirements. 

Pulsar Power’s engineering service works completely independent from technology or supply bases. This allows an optimisation of our clients’ business case so that they can rest assured that their investment will produce optimally for their requested design.

What we offer

Our engineering service encompasses a wide range of disciplines. We offer

  • Concepts and detailed designs
  • Technical development support
  • Technical specifications
  • Construction engineering
  • Technical due diligence
  • Expert witness services
  • Electrical studies (see below)

Electrical studies

Pulsar Power designs, integrates and applies electrical studies for optimisation studies, grid integration studies (up to 400kV) and design studies.

Optimisation studies

Optimisation studies concern the conceptual, optioneering and feasibility studies of microgrids and hybrid power plants. We calculate the capital cost estimate and concern ourselves with the techno-commercial modeling and plant operation simulation of all known low-carbon technologies and sectors. These sectors include: solar, wind, hydrogen, electrical storage, thermal storage, power to heat systems, grid connected (Island), electrical vehicles.


Limited grid connection effect on electrical vehicle (EV) charging


E-mobility is the future and is fast expanding throughout the world but not all electrical grids are ready for this (r)evolution. Pulsar Power helps your electrical grid to be ready to support multiple charging stations. The main goal is to keep your main grid stable. These graphics show voltage fluctuation issues with EV charging


A personalized microgrid


We investigate current limitations of your grid and its connections and work towards a personalized solution. We design your microgrid where charging stations for electrical vehicles can be connected to without changing the electrical distribution network connection.


A stable voltage source


Next to this, EV charging might have a negative impact on the power quality of the internal grid, causing sensitive equipment. Pulsar Power will create a simulation that will avoid this from happening. We make sure that you can rely on a stable voltage source, to stop operation creating risks in the core business of your activities. These graphics show an example of limited grid connection effects on EV charging.

Grid integration studies

Grid integration studies concern themselves with the integration of an electrical grid into another existing grid. These kinds of studies are for example important when designing charging stations for electric vehicles. Grid integration studies are conducted using Power Factory. World’s number 1 grid simulation software.

We perform several kinds of integration studies that will optimize and support RES plants’ grid integration and offer simulations of utility-scale hybrid and microgrid plants. 

RfG grid simulations


In a grid simulation, new components are merged with existing elements. Their combination is evaluated. The next step is to test the developed model in various scenarios. After this, we optimize the model and share our findings in a report.

Reactive capability assessments


Pulsar Power can assess the load flow in cables, transformers, switchgear, etc… to assess potential reserves in existing equipment or downsize new equipment to reduce investment cost.

Power quality and harmonics distortion studies


When adding large machinery or process equipment to the internal or external grid, transformer-energization can cause rapid voltage changes throughout the network causing other equipment to trip and create a cascade of events. It is therefore important that, with ever growing and enlarging equipment connected to the grid the energization process is reviewed and controlled. Excessive voltage drops can be reduced with smaller transformers or with dampers installed in the switchgear equipment. The latter must be defined before ordering. The graphic shows an example of a harmonic voltage distortion assessment.

Protection coordination simulation


Pulsar Power can design constraints and curtailments that limit the power usage of a grid. This can be done to reduce risks of going over the capacity of an electrical grid. The graphic shows an example of protection coordination simulations.

Design studies

Pulsar Power offers both preliminary and detailed electrical design. Our electrical design studies can save costs, reduce risks and increase system reliability.

We conduct:

  • Load flow and voltage regulation
  • Short-circuit analysis
  • Electrical equipment specification and selection
  • Earthing and lightning protection studies
  • Protection of relay settings identification
  • Protection of systems design and coordination
  • Fast transient and insulation coordination
  • Optimization of losses and cable network
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