Digitisation Services

Pulsar Power offers comprehensive digitisation services for your business. We plan, develop, apply and monitor your personal digitalisation simulation software. 

What we offer

We offer simulation software and real-time control application solutions for utility-scale, hybrid and microgrid RES plants. The digitisation service takes place in two steps.

1. Planning simulation software

As part of your business case optimization, we design a personalized simulation for you. We present different scenarios, technology mixes and minute-by-minute simulations that take your project economics into account. We also minimize required grid connections export and import capacities. You get to choose the most optimal system configuration for your project which will maximize value and return on your investment.

2. Real time controlled application and integrated monitoring 

After choosing your perfect technology mix, the design is integrated in your system by the means of a software package. This software and its applications are designed by Pulsar Power and are catered towards each clients’ specific needs and wants. For example, we can integrate artificial intelligence and deep learning–based optimization of revenue stacking. We can also integrate weather forecasting, mark pricing signals, peak power management, power balance, … . There’s a flexible and custom-made solution for every client. 

After the application and integration of the software, we continue to monitor and evaluate your design.

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